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Show apartment &
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Long & Waterson
7 Long Street
E2 8HJ

Monday-Friday 10:00-19:00
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020 7205 2707

MOVE IN 2018

Locally based interior designer Pavel Klimczak set up his Shoreditch store Monologue London back in 2014, from the start intending to offer concise and considered collections of both emerging and established designers. Pavel was tasked by Long & Waterson to art direct the show apartment and marketing suite – subtly working to give it an identity relevant to its prime location in Shoreditch. We spoke to him about his involvement on the project and his creative process in creating a truly unique experience for both visitors and new residents alike.

How did your involvement with Long & Waterson come about?
I think Long & Waterson had heard of Monologue as a lifestyle furniture shop based in the area.
They wanted to get someone local who is familiar to the area to style their show apartment. The idea was to involve people who understand the market here to get a final finish that is meant to reflect the Shoreditch identity, in all its aspects.

What were your initial reactions to the plans? What stood out to you about the development?
I’ve always loved the Long Street warehouses as a space, and I am happy to see them evolve while still keeping their unique character.
There are many developments that are high-end residential spaces – but Long & Waterson benefits from a truly amazing location; right in the heart of Shoreditch without it being overwhelming. Because it’s almost hidden, it gives it a more intimate feel so you get the best of both worlds. I also really like the private garden and communal areas – Alexandra Steed did a wonderful job with the overall landscape.

You styled the show apartment – what was your process for putting together the mood in each room?
When we were asked to style the show apartment, they asked me to create something that acknowledge the east London surroundings. There wasn’t a particular process for each room, we just wanted people to visit and know they wanted to live there. We were encouraged to use colour and new designers which is something quite rare for a new development – and, as a result, Long & Waterson has emerged as something really quite unique for the luxury market in east London.

Long & Waterson apartments feature premium materials that are reflected through the floorings, walls and fixtures. How did you make sure the end result was something really special?
Poliform did an astounding job to create a kitchen that was exclusive for Long & Waterson – we collaborated on sourcing unconventional stones, coloured glass and adapted some of the finishes to insure it wouldn’t look like anything else on the market.
We then used nickel as the finishing appliance throughout the apartment as we felt it would be more elegant than chrome. The hardwood floor was carefully selected by using natural and warm tones which we complimented with the use of pastel colours from Farrow & Ball for the walls. Finally, we installed Tom Dixon pendant lamps in the Master Bedroom to highlight the loft-style ceiling heights, which compliments both the space and the styling.

What are the key materials that we can now find in the show apartment?
Brass and marble are key, which can be seen with the large slab of Calacata marble on the Plinto dining table which was designed by Andrea Parisio for Meridiani. The beautiful stone we used for kitchen worktops bathroom counters are staples too – as well as coloured glass which ties everything in perfectly.

Are there any brands that you feel reflect the spirit of Long & Waterson the most?
I would have to say the CC tapis carpets, which we used in the marketing suite and show apartment – everyone who visits the development never fails to compliment them. As a matter of fact, the very first VISIONI B carpet purchased by the UK market was the one installed in the Long & Waterson study, so we’re very proud of that.
Another one would be the Areti lighting as we used some of their floor lamps and wall fittings, as they are not only stunning, but give off a lofty, soft light.

What is the favourite space you had the chance to work on, within the show apartment?
My favourite space is the main living space where we had the opportunity to specially design the fused glass TV console exclusively for Long & Waterson. It was the most challenging – it is always hard to design as it is the first space people will see. You have to make an impression without overcrowding the space.
The outdoor space in the apartments is also really lovely – I think the greenery throughout the development is one of the key selling points for me.

As so much of the development is about communal space, how do you see the buildings evolving?
The landscape architecture of the development definitely links the two building together.
As the green space evolves it will be interesting to see how the building and greenery interact with each other.
The outdoor finishes for the communal areas are also very striking and add a lot to the centre point of this new development. With the mix of winter gardens and outdoor patios, I’d love to see how it looks once everything is personalised by the future residents. I think it will add an extra dimension of vitality and personality to the space.

What is currently your favourite part of the Long & Waterson show apartment?
I think there is something in the master bedroom as a space – it is very well planned. The subtle tones and outdoor terrace creates a very romantic and relaxing room. It is a truly dream bedroom.

For more information on the interior styling, visit Monologue London’s website: https://www.monologuelondon.com



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