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Long & Waterson
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020 7205 2707

MOVE IN 2018

Pavel Klimczak is the founder of Monologue London, an interior design shop located on popular Redchurch Street in Shoreditch.

Locally based interior designer Pavel Klimczak set up his Shoreditch store Monologue London back in 2014 with the intention of offering concise and considered collections of both emerging and established designers. Nestled in the heart of Redchurch Street, a strip famed for its quality and design diversity, Monologue has become a staple for London’s interiors conscious. We spoke to Pavel about why for him, Shoreditch was the obvious choice to begin the Monologue story, and why the design community has flourished here.



What was it about Shoreditch that drove you to open your store here?
We felt like the community was more accepting of experimental yet high quality design, and there was and still is very much a laid-back attitude that we wanted Monologue to be a part of. It was also important to us to support new designers, and that was something that you’re able to do in Shoreditch because of the diverse client base.


How has the design community in the area influenced Monologue since opening in 2014?
The pieces we stock are very much pieces that I like on a personal level, however we insure that everything is of high quality and from brands we really believe in. In terms of the community though, we’ve actually just stocked a local furniture designer called Studio Further. For me it shows that new designers are now based directly in the area which is a great thing.


Why was it important to you to contribute to the Shoreditch neighbourhood with the Long & Waterson collaboration?
It was the first development project of this scale that I had worked on, but the building itself is something I really responded to. For example, the fact that each 119 apartments have completely unique floor-plans offers something that takes Long & Waterson to a different level.


You also live in the area. What are your favourite things to do here?
My Sunday morning ritual for years now has been breakfast at All Press – a coffee shop which has been here on Redchurch street for quite a few years now. I’m also a regular at the flower market when I can. The sense of community here is something that has really made it home. Everyone looks out for each other, neighbours and businesses alike which is really nice to have.


 What new stores in Shoreditch have caught your eye?
I think the Ace has obviously started something really exciting – and given Shoreditch a high-end venue that it was calling out for. The JW Anderson store which opened recently is also a great addition to the high-street and is a great fit for both the brand and the area. Bethnal Green Town Hall with its pop-up boutique in the reception has also brought something interesting. These as well as the new really high quality studios popping up is creating a real design buzz.


For more information, visit Monologue London’s website: https://www.monologuelondon.com

All pictures © Amandine Alessandra (@theinteriorphotographer)

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