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Dimensions and sizes are approximate only and indicate maximum achievable areas and once constructed may differ. Apartment areas have been rounded to one decimal place. The dimensions and size for areas that feature a winter garden have the area of the winter garden included within the total area. The winter garden area has also been shown as a separate area for reference. All sales remain subject to contract and terms and conditions apply to the contracts (details of which can be obtained from the Sellers solicitors). Accuracy cannot be guaranteed and no such information forms part of any contract. Neither the seller nor their Agents nor any person in their employ has any authority to make or give any representation or warranty or guarantee (whether written or oral) in respect of or in relation to the development (or any parts thereof), unless such statement has been confirmed as being correct by the Sellers solicitors to the buyers solicitors in writing. All names used are marketing names only and postal address’s may be different. The Seller reserves the right to alter the specification design and layout of the apartments as referred to in this brochure without prior notice.

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