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Delivering excellence

The regeneration of buildings with history is of particular interest to Izaki Group Investment, who specialise in design-led developments that create considered communities by delivering best-in-class specification and residents’ amenities.

The focus of Izaki Group’s New York, London, Tel Aviv and Warsaw teams is the delivery of truly special environments that provide bespoke living spaces in which residents can live, entertain or just simply relax.

New York to London

We are very proud of our latest London development, Long & Waterson. Located in Shoreditch our scheme combines the charm and character of the renovated Long Street warehouses with the sleek modernity of the newly built Waterson Building homes. It boasts the best provision of private amenities exclusively for residents’ use, all situated around a perennial, private multi-level garden space. Inspired by our acclaimed Manhattan developments 93 Worth, 15 Renwick & The Flynn, Long & Waterson is unlike any other London development.

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